While Shoggi exists in the grymm and frostbitten world of two dimensions, these feline friends are totally tr00, real corpsepaint kitties. Every cat on this page goes into the draw to win a corpsepaint kitty prize pack.

Would your cat rather stalk the grymm and frostbitten lands than curl up in front of the fire? Does your puss complain the neighbourhood cats aren’t “tr00 metal”? Does your kitty insist you buy biscuits shaped like inverted crosses? Submit a photograph or story of your favorite corpsepaint kitty on the submit a kitty page, and we’ll publish it on the site \m/

Zappa (Submitted by Incognito M)


Freyja and Cat Grishnackh (Submitted by Crystal Deth)






Cat Grishnackh

Freyja always has everything her way. She’s the black and tan one with the evil glare, presumably thinking about world domination. She is a dominatrix kitty who is always beating up on Cat Grishnackh. Cat Grishnackh is a Norwegian Forest Cat whose coat is ready for the harsh northern winter. He’s much more timid than Freyja, but then other times he won’t not shut up about the new Purzum album he’s working on. They both enjoy listening to metal with me and catnip.

Henry (Submitted by Sim)

Henry wearing spiked collar and cuffs

Henry guards his beer with a penetrating stare

Henry chillin' in the grymm and frostbitten north

Here comes Henry…my corpsepaint metal cat. He loves wearing spikes and drinking beer; and of course he loves true northern coldness.

Steff: Anyone who gets between Henry and that beer is going to end up with 23 lightbulb-induced stab wounds.

Lucy and Iker (Submitted by Lex)

lucy playing with wool

lucy and iker peering out of a box

Steff: Have you ever seen corpsepaint on such angelic faces? These two are definitely in league with Satan …

Gryphon (submitted by Basky)

Love the comic. Gryphon saw it (he uses the internet a lot when I’m not around usually to surf porn and research bomb making techniques) and he has been pestering me to send you his details… So here they are:

gryphon slinking through a tree

Full name and title: Baron Gryphon von Shitsmear
5 year old male Ocicat X

Don’t let the angelic, choir-boy looks fool you for what lurks beneath is far more worrisome! It’s not that he is evil it’s just that he is a bored an un-tapped genius with a penchant for nihilism. Having always been “slightly different” to the other kittens he weaselled his way into our lives using his, then embryonic, powers of mind c0ntrol and suggestion – skills which he has subsequently mastered to levels that would make a Jedi Master envious.

He has a hatred of all things “lame” and exacts unfettered “justice” upon them. This is typified by his repeated use of ritual sacrifice. One year on the night before Christmas we heard the cat door flip and then silence. Going to investigate we found the Baron covered in blood with a baby Guinea Pig with it’s throat ripped out. I swear I heard him mumbling to the Dark Lord about some deal invovling swapping the soul of Johnny Cash for Justin Bierbers. The Laundry room looked like downtown Beirut – and still the look of innocence! However, a year later to the day, the same thing happened so, as the Guinea Big boneyard was beginning to mount up we decided to move house!

Gryphon then turned his attention to film and TV and managed to get several starring roles in Television commercials. He used this platform as an opportunity to work from within the system and seized every opportunity to eviscerate any “lame” actors and film types that he could get his claws into. Eventually the high rolling lifestyle, endless partying and catnip took their toll and, realising that he was in danger of becoming that which he despised so much, Gryphon went on a three day bender which resulted in several thousand dollars of maxillo-facial re-constructive surgery for him!

Angered and alienated he became embroiled in the local underground feline fight clubs and earned his self respect and street cred back the hard way. Even though he has recently retired there are a couple of locals that he needs to keep in check.

Latterly, he has become more scholarly and has been working late at night in his Lab. I have had words to him and he assures me it has nothing to do with a Death Ray he is developing. Previous experimentation left several large bush rats cooked and one of the neighbourhood rival cats gently glowing – so I remain unconvinced.

If only we could hear the soundtrack that accompanies his life I am sure it would be insane and eclectic enough to include well chosen Black Metal tracks!

Steff: This looks like a kitty who listens to The Shining.

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